Unleashing the Dragon

"The Ultimate Guide to Developing Strength, Power and Balance in the Martial Arts"

Jam-packed full of exercise techniques designed to greatly improve your overall athletic performance. Using bodyweight, dumbbells, medicine balls, rubber tubing and stability balls you will train like an athlete and reap the rewards.

If you like lifting solely for looks then this manual may not be for you. If you want muscles that are powerful, explosive and balanced then you will not be disappointed. Top strength coaches, therapists and personal trainers around the country have used the techniques presented in this manual. Now you can have these once exclusive techniques at your fingertips. Take your martial arts training to new levels of power and strength.

Learn warm-up and stretching techniques that will simultaneously improve your strength, balance and endurance.

Learn agility techniques designed to make you move like a cat, leg-strengthening exercises that will have you kick like a mule and upper body training techniques that will have you punching like a jackhammer.

Learn exercises that integrate every part of your body, you will be amazed at how efficient your training will become.

Get rock hard abs while performing exercises that will challenge your balance and strength, you will never look at crunches in the same way.

You will receive four and six week conditioning programs designed to enhance your strength, balance and power. These are not your basic bodybuilding program that the gym rat down the street uses to get buff. These are programs designed for athletic performance. We take the guess work out of program design.

The "Instructor's Version" also contains a 6 week bootcamp model that you can implement tomorrow. The bootcamp is a unique combination of fitness and self-defense that I started using many years ago, before combining martial arts and fitness became popular.

Not a martial arts instructor? No worries. You can still use the fitness component and learn about many of the self-defense conditioning techniques through my other DVDs.

While this manual was developed with the martial artist in mind, the fitness enthusiast who is tired of the same old weight routines can easily use it as well.

Remember to get results you must train hard and train smart.

Price: $87.00

Shipping is still free, but that won't last forever!

Bonus 1

As an extra bonus you will receive a DVD of my presentation at Ryan Lee's 2nd Bootcamp held in Stamford, CT!

I demonstrated "Quick Bodyweight Circuits" and "Warrior Games". That's two stand-alone seminars on one DVD.

These simple and highly effective circuits take only 5 minutes to complete but will challenge even the most seasoned martial artists/athlete/fitness enthusiast. You can train anywhere,anytime with these circuits because they require NO equipment and are adaptable to any fitness level.

The Warrior Games include fun exercises that will develop core strength, flexibility, power and a warrior's mindset. The crowd had a great time watching all the volunteers that came up on stage. See for yourself what these exercises can do for you.

In addition you will receive Steve Maxwell's presentation of "Mobility Drills" designed to improve your flexibility, suppleness and overall performance.

That's 2 hours of instruction well worth the price of the manual. I sell this DVD for $39.95 and it is worth twice the price.

Bonus 2

Stair Exercise E-Book by Virgil Aponte

Virgil was gracious enough to allow me to offer you his successful E-Book for free. That's a $39.00 value free of charge.

This e-book is full of effective exercises that you can do anywhere you can find stairs. Instead of spending $3,000 on a stair master or $1,000/yr on a gym just get to a flight of stairs and watch the fat melt away as your strength and endurance soar.

Virgil has helped thousands of people reach, and exceed, their fitness goals. Let him help you.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover with the Ultimate Stair Exercises

* How to get in great aerobic condition using stair exercises. Aerobic conditioning can help you burn more calories thus helping you maintain and ideal bodyweight.

* How to get in anaerobic condition using stair exercises: If you want a sure fire way to drop pounds of body fat this is it!

* How to increase your flexibility: This section alone can teach you how to rid your joints of pain and discomfort from lack of flexibility.

* Simple stair climbing exercises that will help you increase your leg strength: If you want buns of steel you must learn these exercises!

* Simple stair exercise variations that will strengthen your core! Yes you can even work your abdominals in your apartment building stair cases!

* How to all work your upper body in your apartment or office building stair cases! Yes this is a complete exercise program!

* How to improve your balance: Using these exercises will increase your balance and get you on your way to a more functional body.

* How to incorporate other exercise equipment with stair exercises.

* Over 20 step by step workouts you can begin using today!

* And so much more: There is just too much to list here!