Basic Medicine Ball Exercises

The medicine ball is an old tool that has made a great resurgence over the last 20 years or so. It allows us to work in multiple planes of movement and train multiple energy systems.

In the good old days they were made of leather and were pretty big. Today they come in many sizes, colors and are made of many materials. Some of them bounce, some have ropes attached to them or even a handle.

They also come in weights from a couple of pounds to up to 200 pounds.

The following exercise samples will improve leg strength, core strength or shoulder strength. These are pretty basic but I use them often to reinforce basic movement skills and improve core strength.

Try 2-3 sets of 5-15 reps to start. These exercises can be placed at the beginning of training or in the middle somewhere.

Train hard but train smart.
Medicine Ball Push-Up Variations

Medicine Ball Squat and Push

Knees to Chest with added Mobility

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