What Size Kettlebell is Right for You?

It's hard to say what kettlebell you should choose. There is no exact science, only recommendations. Often this depends on your experience and the lift.

As a rule of thumb the average man should start with a 16 kilo bell. With a little training a more experienced man should progress to the 24 kilo bell. The 24 kg. kettlebell is said to be the standard weight in Russian military units. That's not to say that everyone can lift that weight when they start but they will by the time they get discharged.

Stronger men will train with a 32 kilo bell. This is a pretty heavy weight for many lifts but pretty managagable for others. If you can strictly press the 32kg.(2 poods) and snatch it about 20 times per hand I would say you are a very strong person. I know many guys and some women who do this easily

The average woman just starting out should try an 8 kilogram kettlebell. I have trained many women that go well beyond that weight and are swinging 16 and 20 kilo bells. Others, as mentioned earlier, far surpass those weights. It's all about proper training and progressions.

You might be thinking that a 16 kg. weight (about 35 pounds)doesn’t sound too heavy. Let me assure you that the “physics” or shape of the kettlebell forces the user to engage the entire body with almost every lift. I have seen guys that could easily squat 135 lbs wobble like they were drunk when I gave them two 12 kg. bells (a whopping 50 pounds).

Unless you are competing in giravoy sport (kettlebell competitions) don't get to hung up with the amount of weight. If you are challenged using a 35 pound kettlebell but you can easily press a 50 lb. dumbbell don't worry, just keep lifting.

Remember, it is not where you start that counts but where you end up. Train hard, train smart and get strong.

There are a few really good places to get kettlebells. I have used several different brands. I like the Iron Woody kettlebell a lot. They offer a great bell at a very good price. They are also good with shipping and customer service. I have used Dragon Door's KBs also and they are great as well. Ultimately the choice is yours.

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