Kettlebells and Functional Training

Kettlebells provide incredible functional training effects. The drills and exercises normally performed with the kettlebell recruit many muscle groups, including the core stabilizers, simultaneously. They also require intra and inter muscular coordination to perform.

While many, like the various presses, squats and deadlifts, may not be as exotic as standing on a stability ball while juggling some bowling balls these exercises do work. Others, like the Swings, Windmill and Turkish Get Up are “different” and peculiar to the kettlebell, but no one who has tried them can question their effectiveness.

There is a reason that they were the choice of many of Russia’s top strongmen throughout the centuries and were chosen by the Russian government as the exercise tool of choice for the military and the masses. Keep it simple and you will get results. If you want more stability training try some traditional exercises standing on one foot.

Kettlebells also provide a great training effect because they require great coordination and can be performed with single arm and alternating arm action as well as at various speeds. Any exercise with a barbell or dumbbell can be performed with a kettlebell but once you lift one you will immediately feel the difference.

Kettlebells are an outstanding choice for any athlete that wants to take his/her game to a higher level of performance. The nature of kettlebell lifting is well suited for developing strength-endurance. This is the ability to outlast your opponents even in the final minutes of play.

Developing power and muscular endurance will not only separate the gold from the bronze but it will have a powerful effect on the average exerciser looking for something different or the weekend warrior who is having trouble enduring the rigors of the Sunday “pick-up’ basketball game.

Many exercisers new to kettlebell training are amazed at how quickly they feel strength gains and “firmness” in their legs, back and core. Many also remark at how empowered they feel after only a few training sessions. Few other training modalities produce such dramatic results so quickly. All this from an ancient strength tool developed before the age of selectorized weight machines or wobble boards.

Our job as fitness professionals is to constantly improve and update our knowledge base and professional “tool box’. By adding kettlebell training to your arsenal you will provide your clientele with a powerful tool that will give them the opportunity to be stronger and more powerful then ever before. I invite you to apply this information to your existing repertoire and see where it takes you.

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