Increase Shoulder Strength and Prevent Injuries with Resistance Bands

So many sports require shoulder strength. It is incredibly important to keep your shoulders strong in order to play your game at a high level and to prevent injuries. There are many ways to improve shoulder strength. You can use dumbbells, bodyweight training, kettlebells and resistance bands to name just a few methods.

It's amazing what you can do with a rubber band nowadays. Whether I was working as an Athletic Trainer in sports medicine or as a conditioning coach, I have been using small and large resistance bands for shoulder strength and injury prevention for years with a ton of success.

The general approach is to strengthen the total shoulder with emphasis on the stabilizing muscles. I put a lot of emphasis on the posterior muscles and the rotator cuff. While a total, integrated and functional approach is essential if you want to be really strong sometimes you gotta strengthen individual muscles before you get too far into the season and your shoulder is killing you. By then you will be doing the rehab just to get rid of the pain.

Increasing shoulder strength and stability will go a long way to keeping you active and pain free. Many of these exercises take only a few minutes to complete and are a great warm-up before tackling the tougher exercises like presses, windmills, snatches and the like.

Check out this clip. Coach Shreck and I put this DVD together a little while ago. It should be on the market soon. I hope you will find the information helpful. Remember brace your core and stay "engaged" throughout each exerise.

If you are interested in other innovative ways to increase functional shoulder strength with resistance bands then you should also check out my DVD Martial Arts Agility.

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