Sport Psychology for Real Strength and Fitness

Sport Psychology is often a forgotten topic by many fitness professionals. When we speak about strength and conditioning we cannot ignore the connection between body and mind. As personal trainers your job is to help your clients adhere to a strength training program so that they may reach their goals.

For some, reaching a desired weight or achieving a greater level of strength are both part of a larger quest for personal transformation. The question is then, is it enough merely to design an exercise program without also considering the client’s personality, goals and emotional needs?

A basic understanding of sport psychology, motivational styles, goal setting, and other intervention strategies may be helpful in assisting a client reach his/her goal, helping you to retain clients and grow your business.

Sport Psychology, a subdivision of sports medicine, deals with the relationship between psychological variables and sports performance. At the elite level there is often little difference among training methods, what often separates a gold medal from a silver medal is the athlete’s mindset on that day.

Sport psychology interventions can help the athlete achieve the optimum state of mental and physical preparation, especially when accompanied by a sound physical training regimen. These techniques and concepts can be equally effective for the week-end warrior or fitness enthusiast trying to keep on track and get the most out of his/her exercise experience.

Sports psychologists are highly trained professionals that apply theoretical knowledge and testing in order to better understand and improve performance. Often they work as sport psychology “consultants” to teams or individual athletes.

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